Buch Pananandata Guide to Knife Throwing, Messerwerfen

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Einführung in den Sport des Messerwerfens, Englisch.
by Amante P. Marinas, Sr. 132 page pocket size paperback. Illustrated in full color.

Pananandata Guide to Knife Throwing i the latest and most comprehensive guide to knife throwing, from the physics to the actual practice. 
Written by Pananandata martial arts master and founder, Mat P. Marinas, who is a former professor of chemical engineering at Adamson University and is a black belt in aikido and shorin ryu. He has authored six books on the martial arts, is featured in six videotapes, and has written over 100 articles for martial arts magazines. As the world's most published practitiner of the Filipino martial arts, he is an expert knife thrower and has thrown over half a million times at targets. Mat Marinas takes You through every step from the most basic to thoroughly explained expert skills of knife throwing.